Baby Registry Completion Discount, Free Returns, Register Items From Any Site


A baby registry completion discount of 10-15% is available with Amazon’s Baby Registry. Start there and add items to your baby registry from any site!

A perfect way to get ready for new baby is by starting a baby registry. Many stores offer this service, and that’s great for local friends and family. If you’re looking to start an online baby registry, Amazon offers a one-stop shopping list. Create your baby registry, easily share it with everyone you know and get great deals, too!

There are many perks to creating your baby registry with Amazon. Amazon offers just about anything you can think of that baby will need. Creating your baby registry online will make things more convenient for friends and family who don’t live near you. Have everyone shop online and make it a fun game to see if they can help you get your baby registry completion discount!

Affiliate disclaimer: The links on this page are affiliate links, which means when you sign up and get your baby registry completion discount using these links, Amazon sends a bit of cash my way, too, at no cost to you. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Thanks for checking it out! 

Amazon offers a 10-15% baby registry completion discount on selected items from your list. Here are the details:

  • Get 15% off selected items if you belong to Amazon Prime, compliments of Amazon Mom – you can Try an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial to see what that’s all about
  • a link to redeem your baby registry completion discount will show up on your registry 60 days before baby’s due date
  • you can sign up for Amazon Prime after creating the registry to gain the additional 5% discount
  • baby registry completion discount if still good for 90 days after baby’s arrival
  • completion discount may only be redeemed by you, the baby registry account holder
  • Be careful! 1-click orders won’t work with the discount
  • registry must be active for 14 days
  • Free 90-day returns are available on selected items

Beyond the baby registry completion discount, Amazon also offers the ability to add items to your registry from any site! They have a quick and easy (and free) extension for Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari and iPad. Install the free browser add-on and visit any website to add items to your registry.

Here are just a few amazing baby items to get you started!