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Paid Surveys, Prizes and Cash from CashCrate

CashCrate is one of my favorite ways to make money online. It’s easy and fun and just takes a few clicks a day to start adding up the dollars. The links in this post are referral links and this is just one way I make money with the site. I’ll explain below the other ways (like paid surveys) that you can have fun spending a few minutes a day earning some spending cash. As always, be cautious about entering your personal details for offers or surveys. Make sure it’s an offer that truly interests you, and note that with this company, you may want to set up a new email address to prevent spam in your personal email.

Paid Surveys, Offers, Shopping and Referrals Add Up Quickly!

This banner below is the actual amount I’ve earned so far with paid surveys and referrals on CashCrate!

That banner to the left is real. You can get your own to display when you sign up for CashCrate!

Earn money with paid surveys, contests, online shopping and get paid to complete cash offers. All legitimate and well explained. Easy way to make great money plus a rockin’ referral program to earn money when you tell all your friends. Offers for cash are fully sortable by payout. Take daily surveys to earn money and play games, too. Everything you do earns you some cash. Check out the forum with any questions, and be sure to Check-In for your daily cash offer!

 6 Ways to Earn Money on Right on the CashCrate Website

Earnings are listed so you can choose which offers suit you and which you’d rather leave behind.

  1. Offers – check out offers from companies and earn instant cash
  2. Paid Surveys – choose from a long list of surveys to complete for even more earnings
  3. Videos – watch videos and check out offers to add money to your CashCrate account
  4. Bonus Surveys – answer questions in quick daily Bonus surveys
  5. Cash Back Shopping – earn cash back with popular online companies where you already shop! Check out Walmart, Petco, Lowe’s and more!
  6. Referrals – earn every time you encourage a friend to make money online with CashCrate

 Contests, Points, Games and Prizes

On top of earning money with CashCrate, you can also enter contests and play games to earn points for awesome gift cards from all your favorite stores. If you have any questions, CashCrate has helpful resources like forums, FAQ pages and a blog with frequent updates and money-making ideas.

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