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Make Money with your Smartphone, Sell Your Photos


Make money with your smartphone. Sell your photos on Foap!

Recently I discovered a very cool phone app called Foap. It wasn’t until then that I realized you can make money with your smartphone. I had so much fun uploading my photos. I named each one and tagged it with keywords. The app is very easy to use and the best part: it’s free!

So the way you make money with your smartphone using Foap is by uploading your cool photos and listing them on the site for sale. Once someone buys your photo for $10, you get $5 and it’s that simple. How cool is it to make money for something fun you already do!? I know you’re already taking photos with your smartphone, because you’re a budding photographer, right? Why not put those images in front of paying customers and see what happens?

I know you’re already taking photos with your smartphone, because you’re a budding photographer, right? Why not put those images in front of paying customers and see what happens?

Affiliate disclaimer: There are likely paid ads somewhere on this page, but this particular post doesn’t contain any affiliate links. This blog offers my intention of sharing great ways to make and save money with anyone who might be interested. Sometimes I come across ways to do that where there’s no direct benefit for me. But that’s ok because if you make money with your smartphone using this app, we’ll all be just a little happier, won’t we?

So thmake money with your smartphonee details of using Foap to make money with your smartphone are as follows:

  • Download the app for iPhone or Android
  • Open the app and create an account
  • upload photos from your device
  • Name your photos, tag some keywords and answer a legal question
  • Your photos will then be for sale on the site

Other fun things about being part of the Foap community:

  • You can scroll through and rate other people’s cool photos with a 5-star system
  • You can follow other photographers and they can follow you
  • Check your newsfeed to find out what your app friends are posting
  • Check out the frequently updated missions to see if you can join to win. As I write this, there are 14 missions available for you to join.
  • Like the Foap Facebook page and share it with your friends
  • Don’t forget, if you’re in the market to buy a photo, this is a great place to find the perfect one!

sell photos online smartphoneSome things to look out for when using the Foap app to make money with your smartphone:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to sell photos using the app
  • You must have a valid Paypal account to accept payments
  • You will need to go through a verification process in order to get your photos top-ranked on the site
  • Sometimes the verification process doesn’t work automatically. I am assured that the software people are looking into it. If you have trouble with an ‘Authentication Failed’ message when you try to verify, don’t dismay! Click on the Foap Facebook page and send a message or contact someone via the website. They are very quick to reply and they’ll give you instructions for a manual verification process. Easy peasy.
  • You’ll need to be honest about copyright issues and infringement of privacy. To stay in good standing on the site, you’ll need to be sure you’re ONLY using photos that you’ve taken yourself. You’ll also need to be careful about using photos of people. See the FAQs within the app for more details.

Overall, I’m really excited about making money selling photos with my smartphone on Foap. I’ve taken a handful of pictures that I think are really cool. I hope others think so too. I haven’t sold any photos yet, but it seems too easy not to try. The process of uploading your photos is quick and easy. The attention you get from the community with ratings and comments is exciting. It’s a fun app and I hope you’re excited to try it.

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If you have experience with the Foap app on your smartphone, please give a shout out in the comments and tell me how it’s going for you!



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