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I have recently discovered cash back apps for groceries and other purchases. I’ve got about 5 that I use regularly and I’m already racking up points and cash!

cash back apps for groceriesCash back apps for groceries are fairly new on the scene. If you haven’t heard about this new trend, I encourage you to check it out.

If you’re trying to save money while shopping (and I can’t imagine who wouldn’t be!) these cash back apps for groceries and other shopping are necessary. Everyone who shops should be using these apps! Less cumbersome than coupons, but a great addition to your arsenal if you’re already couponing.

Most of these apps have very few strings, if any. It’s kind of a ‘too good to be true’ scenario. Basically, you report in what you’ve bought via the app, and you either get points, cash back or coupons in return. Each app works a little differently, so below I’ll cover a bit about each one, what to expect, what’s required and how to earn points or cash with these apps.

Below you’ll find 8 of my top favorite cash back apps for groceries and other purchases. I have used them all and 5 of them are my personal favorites that I use daily or weekly. Take note of the bullet points that outline what you do with each app, what you’ll get in return and how I make each fit easily into my own lifestyle.

Affiliate disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are friend referral links, which means when you sign up and cash in rebates, the app pays me a bit, too. That also means, you’ll get paid for inviting friends. It’s a pretty sweet deal. 

Snap by Groupon

Snap by Groupon is one of the true cash back apps for groceries. This app does exactly that. You sign up via the phone app or online, scroll through the list of cash back offers, buy some, scan your receipt and get cash. Below are some of the highlights of Snap:

  • Cash out at just $20
  • Earn between 25c and $5.00 per item (or more!) Details are under each Offer inside the app
  • Redeem offers at any store, just select the offer and upload your receipt
  • Easily refer friends by sharing your link via email, facebook or text and earn $1.00 for everyone who uses Snap
  • My rating for Snap: 3 Stars (3 / 5)
  • Why didn’t I give it 5 stars? Currently not that many offers in my area. But still well worth the 5 seconds it takes to upload a receipt and earn cash back.


ibotta - cash (not points) on shopping purchasesIbotta offers rebates on items that you purchase in every category! Not only groceries but Electronics, Apparel, Arts &
Crafts, Pets, Beer, Wine & Spirits and so much more! So easy to earn cash back with this shopping app. Just browse, do a quick (very quick) task, scan, upload and cash out!

CLICK HERE to check out all of this week’s current grocery rebates

  • Ibotta offers thousands of rebates on items that you purchase regularly
  • Rebates go beyond groceries and include many other retail items from hundreds of stores
  • Earn a $10 bonus for redeeming your first 10 rebates!
    • Work together with your teammates to earn extra cash bonuses!
    • Link your loyalty accounts from many popular stores and take advantage of all savings opportunities from just one app
  • Works for online shopping, too!
  • Earn cash (not points) in the form of rebates, just for performing very quick, simple fun tasks. (No kidding…these are really quick!)
  • Cash out anytime with Paypal or Venmo, or if you prefer, have your cash loaded to one of several gift cards
  • My rating for Ibotta: 5 Stars (5 / 5)
  • 5 stars – this is definitely a must-have app. Professional, great savings, no gimmicks.

Receipt Hog

scan-receipt-earn-cashReceipt Hog is is one of my personal favorite cash back apps for groceries and then some. Receipt Hog actually takes receipts for most retailers, no matter where or what you bought. (Check settings in the app for receipts that don’t qualify.) They also offer fun bonus rewards, Hog Spins and easy cash out for Paypal or Amazon Gift Cards

  • Earn points for challenges just by uploading receipts
  • Level up and get even more rewards
  • Easy to snap a photo and upload
  • Play Hog Slots with free spins
  • Get points for receipts from up to two weeks ago!
  • Refer friends to get even more points!
  • Get friends easily by sharing on social media
  • cash out for Paypal or Amazon gift cards with as little as 1,000 points (easy to get!)
  • My rating for Receipt Hog: 5 Stars (5 / 5)
  • Why did I give it a 5? Because it’s easy and fun and fast to earn points that convert to cash!


Checkout 51

Checkout 51 OffersCheckout 51 is another strictly groceries cash back app. It works much the same as Snap, and can be used in conjunction with any of the other cash back apps listed on this page. With Checkout 51, you browse their offers, purchase the item, scan your receipt and get cash back. Some Checkout 51 offers are specific to large chain stores like Walmart, so to maximize your cash back opportunities, you may want to modify you shopping habits.

  • earning opportunities range from 25c to $5.00 and up depending on the purchases you make
  • current offers are easy to check on the app or website
  • request a cash out when your account reaches $20
  • get new offers every Thursday
  • claim some offers multiple times
  • use Checkout 51 for online purchases, too!
  • My rating for Checkout 51: 3 Stars (3 / 5)
  • Why didn’t I give it 5 stars? Once again, there aren’t as many offers in my area and it’s not as much fun as Receipt Hog. But still well worth the few seconds it takes to scan offers and upload my receipt


checkpoints cash for shopping appCheckPoints is really a fun app that earns you points on all kinds of shopping. And the best part of this app is you don’t actually have to buy anything! Check in while you’re out and about with all the local shops as they pop up within the app. Scan products, checkout offers, watch short videos and more to earn points!

Download this app now and enter referral code ibloomdrop upon signup and we’ll both get more points!

  • CheckPoints pays you in points to scan products in your local stores
  • This app checks in with your location and provides all scanning opportunities for you
  • Watch videos in your off time to earn more points
  • Videos aren’t your average ridiculous ads – the ones I’ve been watching are movie trailers that I’ve actually enjoyed!
  • Refer your friends and upon signup, they’ll receive more points and so will you.
  • Use my code ibloomdrop for your free points!
  • Easily check in to local stores for points
  • Spin for the jackpot
  • Trade your points for awesome prizes like Walmart, Amazon and other popular gift cards, apps, or even a Playstation 4!
  • My rating for CheckPoints: 4 Stars (4 / 5)
  • Why did I give it 4 stars? Because this one makes my shopping trips even more enjoyable. I get to scan items and only buy if I really need them! The other fun ways to earn points are great too, and even though I can’t trade points for cash, trading for a Walmart giftcard is all the same to me.
  • TRY IT NOW – sign up with code ibloomdrop for more points!

Walmart Savings Catcher

walmart-savings-catcher-reviewWalmart Savings Catcher app was a truly a blessing for me when I discovered it. I shop at Walmart primarily for groceries and other household items. I’m at Walmart a lot. When I heard that I could scan my Walmart receipts and they would compare prices with competing stores in the area and give back the difference in any price discrepancies, I signed up immediately!

  • This app automatically scans their competitor’s store prices and gives you the difference if you paid more
  • Your balance is applied to a Walmart gift card in your name
  • The app is part of the Walmart app, so if you’ve already got that on your phone, start taking advantage of this program right away!
  • There’s nothing to lose. Walmart wants your business and they’re willing to keep you at their store by price-matching any items you buy
  • Save time and money by shopping in one place, knowing for sure that you are paying the lowest price around
  • The app compares prices with local grocery stores, dollar stores and other establishments to make sure they offer the lowest prices
  • My rating for Walmart Savings Catcher: 4 Stars (4 / 5)
  • Why did I give it 4 stars? It’s a no-brainer. It’s free and you get money back every time Walmart didn’t beat another’s price. One more reason shopping at Walmart is a good thing.

Cartwheel by Target

target savings app cartwheelLike the popular store savings app described above, if you’re a frequent Target shopper, the Cartwheel app is a cashback savings app must-have! This one works a bit differently, but either way, savings are savings whether they happen at the time of purchase or after the sale.

  • Open the app while shopping at Target and select discount coupons for the items you plan to buy
  • At the checkout, scan the barcode from the app and ALL savings selected will be applied to your total
  • Earn more savings spots by collecting cool badges in the app
  • Connect via facebook and see how much your friends are saving at Target
  • My rating for Cartwheel: 4 Stars (4 / 5)
  • I give this one a 5 too because there’s no reason to shop at Target without it. Just not one reason.


Ebates is a cash back shopping website and app that hunts down rebates, cash back offers, cut rate coupons and more to make your online shopping experience exhilarating! Most of Ebates’ offers are stackable, meaning you can use coupons with cashback offers and really cash in on some amazing savings!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

  • Offers for over 1700 online retailers accessible on the site
  • Up to 25% cash back from stores you already shop
  • Install the cash back button for easy access to rebates
  • Cash out when your earnings hit $5.01
  • Tell your friends for even more earnings
  • My rating for Ebates5 Stars (5 / 5)
  • 5 stars – because why wouldn’t you save money when it’s so easy?

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