Websites Like Etsy? Handmade at Amazon is Open!


Websites like Etsy that offer the same seller benefits are difficult to find. So far I’ve not found any Etsy alternatives that come close to what I’m searching for as a seller. Until now!

Etsy offers so much to the average at-home craftsman or woman looking to sell stuff online. The biggest perk for me has been the amazing marketing efforts inherent in their system. With just a little bit of work from me, my handmade items show up in front of the eyes of many interested buyers. But now there’s a new Etsy alternative in the game!

Imagine my excitement and delight when I discovered Handmade at Amazon! Whether you’re looking to sell handmade or buy it, you can’t ever go wrong with Amazon. Not only do I sell handmade and other crafty goods on Etsy, I also have an Amazon Seller account, so I already have experience with both. I do presently sell handmade goods on Amazon, but I have found that there’s a whole different buying crowd from one online giant to the other. Now, with Handmade at Amazon, I will be able to enjoy a boost in sales considering that Amazon is the #3 website in the USA and the #6 website on the planet!

Affiliate disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means when you sign up and place an order, a bit of cash comes my way, too, at no cost to you. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Thanks for checking it out!

websites like etsyHere’s how Handmade at Amazon works!

Presently, you must Apply to be a seller of handmade goods on Amazon. This is a good thing. As Amazon likes to meet a certain quality standard for all its products, they will take your application and review it. I received word that it would take up to 4 weeks to approve my account, and several days later I got the reply from Amazon. Yay!

CLICK HERE to apply to be a seller on Handmade at Amazon.

When you apply, you will be asked some questions about your business, whether or not you’re currently and Amazon seller and in what categories you intend to list products. As with all websites like Etsy, Amazon has several categories available, but only a few have been rolled out as of now. They will be opening up more handmade categories in the near future. Your handmade products must qualify for one of these categories, or your application will be held until those categories open. Not to worry! If you’re like me, you make all kinds of things and you can simply open up your Handmade shop with a different set of crafty items.

etsy alternativesCheck out what others are selling already!
Home Decor, Furniture, Jewelry, Artwork and more.

When I look for websites like Etsy to sell my crafts, I need the website to be popular with lots of organic traffic and ways for my products to get seen, even if I’ve posted them only hours ago. Etsy has a great system in place like that. And my experience selling on Amazon shows me that indeed, this Etsy alternative is going to be amazing.

Another awesome thing about this new service is they have waived their monthly fee until you reach a certain sales level. And there are no listing fees. A referral fee is paid when you sell an item. This fee is 12%. While 12% seems high, I have all the faith in the world that selling on Amazon will boost my sales, meaning I earn more money for my talents, and I can afford to pay for the effortless marketing and advertising that my selling platform does for me. With the fee waiver and commissions taken only after a sale, it’s definitely worth a shot. If you’re looking to expand your handmade sales, I highly recommend checking out Amazon’s sales platform.

It’s just one more of the websites like Etsy that exist to sell your handmade creations, but this time we’re talking about Amazon. I’m curious to see if this will affect Etsy’s business model in any way. I hope Etsy sticks around because I love the site, but with Amazon entering the playing field, I wonder….


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