What is Affiliate Marketing?


No doubt if you’re learning to make money online, you’re wondering what is affiliate marketing and how to cash in on that concept.

what is affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is the process of promoting products online or off, and earning a commission on every product that sells. In other words, you write an article or create a webpage about a specific product or service, you include your special link to that item, your viewer clicks and makes a purchase and you earn a commission for the sale.

You might also benefit from knowing what affiliate marketing is if you have your own product or service you’d like to promote. Get others to promote it on their websites, pay them a commission and you will indeed make many more sales! The top affiliate marketing networks have amazing tools in place for their publishers to use. Your sales will skyrocket by selecting the right network marketing platform and allowing others to do the legwork.

Let’s break it down into simple terms. What is affiliate marketing exactly?

  1. You want to sell a product.
  2. You create a blog post all about this item.
  3. You get approved from one of the best affiliate marketing companies to sell it via a link.
  4. You copy the link on your website that leads directly to this product shopping page.
  5. Your viewers come and read the article and decide to buy it.
  6. They click the link and make the purchase.
  7. You get a commission.

Affiliate disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, demonstrating affiliate marketing by example. With some links, if you click and become an advertiser or a publisher, the marketing network will send me a bit of cash, too. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Thanks for checking it out! If you have comments about any of the affiliate marketing networks on this page, please voice them below so everyone can benefit from your experience.

The best way to really discover what affiliate marketing is and how to make it work for you is to signup with one or more affiliate marketing companies or retail companies that offer an affiliate program. Below I’ll outline some my favorite affiliate marketing companies, as well as others that tend to be a popular choice among the top affiliate marketers.

ShareASale – this affiliate marketing network has been in business for 15 years. Hands down, this is my favorite performance marketing network online. Why? First of all, they offer some great programs. There are currently over 4,000 programs signed up to share revenue with you! Whatever you’re looking to sell or discuss on your website or blog, it’s likely there’s a program that offers to pay you commissions to sell that product for them. There are a few other reasons ShareASale is my favorite affiliate marketing company.

  • Some programs pay per sale and others pay per lead! What that means is just by sending someone from your blog to their site, you’ll earn a commission.
  • All programs have a good selection of easy to use text links, banners and datafeeds (which can be really handy).
  • The ShareASale website also offers some fun and creative tools to help you market. These include the Product Showcase, which is a dynamically created list of products that match certain criteria. You can also make your own page using their tools or build a custom affiliate link from any page on the partner store.
  • For every merchant who approves you (some are Auto-Approved), you have potential access to coupons, Black Friday deals pages, videos to share and giftcard specials (if the company offers these)
  • The tracking and reporting tools are thorough and detailed, so you can get a snapshot of your commissions, referrals and clicks anytime you are interested.
  • ShareASale also offers their own affiliate program, paying you to invite others to join and earn.
  • Monthly pay via direct deposit to your bank account
  • Dashboard with your To Do List, program vitals, featured program information and more

Amazon Associates Central – the Amazon affiliate marketing program (called Amazon Associates) is another of my favorites because of the versatility of products available, as well as the gigantic selection of products to offer for a commission. By signing up for this affiliate program, you’ll get access to basically every product, service and promotion that Amazon offers. And there are many!

  • Sign up and get the ability to quickly link to any product on their massive website. No matter what you’re advertising, it’s likely they have one for someone to buy.
  • Access to banners and creatives for current promotions, special bounties and recommendations
  • Create widgets with their easy tool and display them on your site
  • Display native shopping ads which provide highly relevant and dynamic product recommendations
  • create your own aStore
  • use the Publisher studio to create links right from your desktop without having to open the Amazon page
  • Developers can take advantage of the Product Advertising API
  • Mobile tools are available

As you can see, Amazon offers tons of ways to help you discover just what is affiliate marketing and how you can really benefit from it. Click here to sign up to be an affiliate.

There are quite a number of affiliate marketing networks online. Here is a list of several more that you might like to research and sign up for!


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