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One of my favorite places to write for money online is Constant Content.

Write for MoneyWrite for money. It doesn’t get easier than that! You can actually sell articles online through many websites.

Constant Content gets 5 stars from me for the following reasons:

  • their interface is quite user-friendly (especially since the recent update!)
  • excellent pay for requested articles – set your own prices for articles you’ve already written
  • monthly or semi-monthly payments
  • write articles on your expertise and fulfill requests from clients
  • share with your friends how to write for money with Constant Content to earn even more
  • special access to paid article requests based on your expertise and writing ability

Affiliate disclaimer: The links on this page are affiliate links, which means when you sign up and sell your articles, I get paid a bit, too, at no cost to you. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Don’t let that deter you from trying Constant Content. I made a living off this company for a while writing articles and selling them. It’s entirely possible to make several hundred dollars a month, or more if you’re serious about it. This is my favorite online freelance writing opportunity. Thanks for checking it out. And if you have any comments about writing for money, I’d love read them below!

Constant Content is one of my personal favorites for ease of submissions, excellent pay and large quantity of available work.

Constant Content is one of my personal favorites for ease of submissions, excellent pay and large quantity of available work. You can easily write for money since there are many options available not only to submit articles for current requests, but sell articles that you’ve already written on any subject you like.

the following is excerpted from my ebook Writer’s Resource Guide to Online Writing for Money

Taken straight from the website, Constant Content is ‘a consignment-shop for your original works‘. Here are some highlights of writing and submitting articles on Constant Content:

  • Post and sell your original content
  • Browse requests from publishers looking for content on many unique subjects
  • Set your own prices for usage, unique and full rights purchases
  • Get paid monthly via Paypal
  • Accepts International writers
  • Submissions are reviewed by editors before posting for sale on the site

How it works:

You’ll click the green Writer Registration button on the home page. You’ll be taken to the Author Registration page. Enter your pen name, your contact information, the email address associated with your Paypal account, and a few other details. Also, you’ll be able to click check boxes to identify your array of expertise on many different subjects. This helps clients searching for writers to identify you as someone they might like to hire to write for money.

Once you’ve submitted this information, you’ll have to take a quiz. Yes, you read that correctly. You must score 4/5 to complete your registration, and these are fairly simple grammar questions to prove that you have a good handle on the English language. Remember, to sell articles online for a decent price and write for money, it pays to be good at it!

As mentioned above in the highlights, your articles will be reviewed prior to submission. If the simple guidelines haven’t been met (ie: professionally written, error-free, including introduction, conclusion and useful information with no links or self-promotion) they will be rejected.

If you’re on the fence, give it a try. Write an article and post it for submission. Keep a copy on your computer, as you may not have access if it gets rejected.

If you do receive a rejection, do not dismay. My first several articles were rejected by Constant Content, until I learned exactly what the editors were looking for. Since then, I’ve earned a sizable amount of money selling articles that were approved on the first submission, and rarely do I receive a rejection at this point.

***Writers from any country can sign up to earn from Constant Content, as long as you have a valid Paypal account and a strong handle on the English language

Here are some of the articles I currently have for sale on Constant Content

How to Write for  Money:

There are a number of ways to earn income with Constant Content. Take advantage of all of them to increase your earnings potential from this website:

  • Sell articles online – post articles for sale and set your price. Research comparable articles by other authors and articles that have recently sold. The prices may surprise and delight you, as articles sell from this site for prices that are worthy of your time.
  • Do not undercut your prices. Keep them competitive for length, quality and subject matter. The more your write, the more opportunity there will be for a sale. Some articles may sell immediately, while others may take a few months.
  • It would benefit you to research hot keyword topics as well. Choose topics that you think are of interest for the current trends in news, entertainment and lifestyle.
  • Browse public requests – requests are submitted by publishers looking for articles on a certain subject matter. You should get a direct email each time content is requested, and a list of requests will also be available within your account dashboard.
  • If you find a request that interests you, there are a couple of options. You may either attach an article that you’ve already written, or you can compose a new article based upon the request and submit it for review by the editors and the publisher who needs the content. Usually the publisher will give detailed information on the required subject matter, as well as an estimate for what they are willing to pay.
  • Referrals – recruit your friends to help boost your earnings. Within your dashboard, you’ll be given a link to use when others wish to sign up for an author account. When a friend or other person from your network uses your link to sign up, you will receive 5% of all their earnings.
  • Constant Content keeps a commission for all article sales, and 5% of their commission will be transferred to your account.

sell articles onlinePayment Details:

Following are the details on how, when and how often you will be paid for your article sales on Constant Content:

  • Constant Content keeps 35% of your article earnings and you will receive the remaining 65% of the sales price of each article. Keep this in mind when pricing your work.
  • Payments are made via Paypal. If earnings are above $500 for the month, other options include direct wire transfer to your bank of choice.
  • Payments are made once your account balance reaches $5.
  • Payments are made during the first week of each month.

Tips and Tricks:

Some points to consider when choosing to write articles for Constant Content are as follows:

  • Constant Content accepts International based writers with fluent English writing skills
  • Carefully consider the differences among usage, unique and full rights licenses
  • You have the potential to begin earning a significant amount of monthly income right off the bat. Once you master the submission process, write as many articles as you can and check the requests section often for new article availability

Start submitting articles now at Constant Content

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